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evanna lynch as the ice princess from the adventures of sharkboy and lavagirl

not such an innocent girl (scorpius x lily) 


Lily was studying with a big pile of books on her desk for, as she called it, “light studying.” Instead of going to Hogsmeade like the rest of the students. Lily kept studying until she thought it was almost time to go to bed and just as she was putting the book away, she felt two hands grab her waist. She pulled the hands off and turned around to see Scorpius Malfoy. Here comes the question and insults Lily thought as she rolled her eyes.
“Why were you here instead of spending a day at Hogsmeade?” Scorpius asked Lily as she was trying to put her other books away. She hated Scorpius and his attitude towards her, so she hoped it wouldn’t be long until he left. She loved to ignore him too, loved to see him frustrated.
“Ignoring me are you, Potter,” Scorpius teased, “Get me a book.” Lily’s attention was finally turned on him with a furious face, but her face turned into a smile. “Which do you want? An ego book or something to make you nicer and not talk to me?” Lily tested and Scorpius smiled at her words.
“Look Scorpius, you are not to associate with me, ever. My dad said never to associate with a Malfoy and this is associating. Now go snog with my cousin.” Lily tried to look for books for Scorpius to read and fast. She wasn’t one to get in trouble at such stupid little things.
“That’s all you think, Potter? Well you’re such a little feisty one, are you?” Scorpius grabbed her waist and pulled her up to him. She tried to get out of his reach, but there was no way. She instead pulled out her wand to show she wasn’t scared to use a spell on him, or kill him. No matter how much she didn’t want to. She told him to watch it and he let go of her and she smiled, almost breaking the table by throwing a book on there. He sat beside her instead of away from her.
“You’re an ass and you will always be an ass to me.” Lily complained as she was trying to get away from him. She got up from the table and walked to the door about to get out, when she heard Scorpius call her name.
“Such a nice girl with a bad attitude. Love it.” Lily flicked him off and walked away, blushing. Scorpius started to sit there without reading the book and thought about how bad Lily seemed when she was around Scorpius. Not such an innocent little girl he thought to himself.


Being honest, Will’s face during David’s audition just made me laugh the whole entire time

happy late birthday William..i’m sorry i couldn’t be here earlier, i blame myself because i forgot his birthday

Sorry i haven’t been on in a long time, but i’m back and i have something weird to tell. so on the second to last week of school my friend had her friend’s phone and we were reading Im5 imagines, mostly the cole and dalton ones, the only weird thing about that is we were reading the dirty ones together… a class, don’t worry we don’t do things we’re virgins

Hola children of the corn…guess what???? I WON THE TALENT SHOW, ME AND MY FRIENDS

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